March 27, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Date Night

Dress: Francesca's
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Grandmothers (I wish I would have gotten a picture of the back of the's pretty cool)

Please excuse the grainy pictures and the dead dog toy in the background behind my legs.  Also, the front of my dress has ruffles.  You just can't really see them.  :o(

Friday night was date night for the hubs and I.  We decided to have a "locals weekend" for just the two of us.  We finally went and ate at the Spanish wine bar and restaurant across the street (literally right across the street) from us.  O-M-Geee!!!  I am so upset with ourselves for not trying out this place sooner.  It was such AMAZING food and wine!  And did I mention the entertainment?  Yes, there was also live entertainment!  :o)  As we sipped on probably one of the best Spanish reds I have ever tasted, as well as dined on the most amazing tapas of my life, we also enjoyed some live music from a great Spanish band.  It was the most romantic date night we have had in quite some time.  We were the couple all snuggled up next to each other and gazing into one anothers eyes in the restaurant.  And when we were not admiring our better halves, we were stuffing ourselves with our amazing spread of tapas.  Want to know what it included?  I'll tell ya...

1. Grilled Lamb Chops with rioja demi-glace 
2. Roasted Eggplant, squash, and tomato napoleon with drunken goat cheese
3. Mussels in a white wine, saffron, garlic sauce with grilled bread for dipping
4. Special: Grilled mahi-mahi with mango, tomato and feta cheese
5. Special: Grilled filet topped with a blue cheese sauce (WOWzers!)

Yes...we ate all of that...

It's really small servings, so it's not as bad as it looks.  I swear...

Awesome date night is all I have to say!  :o)

March 23, 2011

How To...

How To Wear A Denim Shirt

After yesterday's Pick of the Day post, Melissa, from Write It In Lipstick got me thinking about how to wear a denim shirt.  Denim shirts are best paired with:

1. Skirts of almost any print or color and length
2. Shorts
3. Jeans
4. Black (jeans, leggings)
5. White jeans
6. Khaki

Here are a few pics to help give you some ideas...P.S. The first look is my absolute FAVORITE!

My Personal Favorite!
Where It Came From
Where It Came From
Love this look!
Where It Came From

Where It Came From
Where It Came From
I also thought that Sydney, from THE DAYBOOK pulled off the denim on denim look quite well.  I think the trick to doing denim on denim is mixing the washes of the denim.  Do a light wash shirt with a dark wash jean (or vice versa) so it doesn't look like you are wearing a jean suit.

By the way...I am obsessed with all of these looks!  I want every outfit...seriously.  I especially love the first picture with the shirt, skirt, and belt.  I also really love the third pic with the suspenders.  Suspenders are awesome and I want to be in that outfit right now.  The fourth picture makes me think of myself in a music video hitchhiking somewhere or driving in an old red car (I love red) with the top down on a long highway and my hair blowing in the wind (only I look like a tan brazilian model in both fantasies).

I hope these looks help you to make your denim shirts more fashionable!  :o)  Ciao!

March 22, 2011

Pick Of The Day

Today's pick comes to you from J.Crew.

Is anyone else craving a denim shirt, or is it just me?

I am loving this I heart chambray shirt from J.Crew.  The heart pocket makes it unique from all the other denim shirts out there and I feel like it also gives it a little feminine touch.  Chambray is basically a lightweight cotton denim.  Not exactly denim, but a close alternative.  It will also be much nicer to wear for the Spring/Summer than a denim shirt since it's not as heavy.  And let me be honest the Texas humidity...lightweight clothes are a MUST!  I heart you all!  :o)

March 14, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Where it came from:
Jacket: Banana Republic
Shirt: JC Penny's
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Sorry these pictures are not amazing (they were taken with my iPhone).  These pics were from Saturday night.  The husband and I met up with my dad at a local pub near our house for dinner and drinks.  It was a great night!  The weather was amazing outside!  I love sitting out by this fire pit with a glass of wine when the weather is in the 60's and there is a light breeze.  It's just so relaxing.  It was also nice because all of the Spring Breakers were out of town.  There was still a crowd, but not near the amount of people who are usually out and about.  Super fun and relaxing evening!  :o)

I wasn't sure about this outfit when I first put it on.  I couldn't tell if I liked the jacket with that shirt.  I am still unsure if I completely like it.  But I must have been happy enough with it, seeing as I sported the look out on the town Saturday night!

The rest of the weekend was fun as well.  The husband and I went out to dinner with an old friend and college roommate on Friday night.  We then then woke up Saturday morning and went for a long run on the Bayou.  Everyone was out running and playing with their doggies.  I got a little sun kissed.  It was nice.  Yesterday, we loaded up the dogs and headed to B and Elizabeth's new house for a Sunday Fun-day!  Our dogs LOVED being in a house with a yard.  This was also Maggie's first time getting some exercise since her surgery last week.  She was way overdue for some running around time.  We met some of B and Elizabeth's neighbors who were very nice.  Maggie did not like their dog, but I think it's because the dog was a male and she was just in heat and was just spayed.  I hope they get along the next time they meet. 

All in all, it was a great weekend!  It was so nice to be at home for once.  Looking forward to the rest of this week.  I get to see my mom and youngest brother.  We are going to NASA!!!  Yay!  I know...I'm a dork.  I can't help it.

March 8, 2011

Style Me Pretty

This is one of the outfits I'm considering for engagement photos.

Peeping Tom.
Where it came from:
Dress - Francesca's
Shoes - Steve Madden

I'm not sure how I feel about this outfit now that I've seen it in pictures. I like the color, but I don't know that it is modest enough. Also I think it is a little ill fitting in the bust.

I like it for a date though. So maybe this weekend.

More ideas to follow!

Also I changed the design of the blog and I'm not sure that I like it. Any thoughts? And honesty is appreciated.

Style Me Pretty

 Spots? Or is it dots?
               Only shot of the shoes.
Where it came from:
Shoes - Bakers
Shirt - Forever 21
Belt - Ross
Dress - Francesca's

I took pictures this morning instead of waiting until this evening. I was thinking of trying out a new picture/post time, but I'm not going to lie I think this might be a one time thing. I'm not a morning person. I don't know what I was thinking. So, enjoy these bleary eyed, once in a lifetime shots. Also Marley wanted in on the action.

That skirt (which is actually a dress) is what I was wearing the first time I hung out with B. I have also kept the dress that I wore on our first date. I'm a little bit of a pack rat like that, but I can't help it. This dress just brings back a flood of happy memories. 

On another note it is spots/dots day over at Every body: Every wear. So go post or check out the styles. I know I will. 

Happy Tuesday people!

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

March 7, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Seeing Spots:

Where it came from:
Shirt/Tights - Shirt, Tights
Shoes - Bakers
Skirt - Francesca's 

Hey peeps. Today's outfit is pretty simple, but I was feeling it. Since moving out to the burbs I've realized that people are a little less receptive to some of my clothes. I get some oddball looks.

I have been so scatter brained today! I think its because it's Monday and I'm still in weekend mode. Solution - Disney movies and grilled cheese.

Final note. We are taking our engagement pictures this Friday and I still have no idea what I'm going to wear for them. I might post some of my ideas on here. We'll see. Either way I'm so excited about getting our picture taken!

I hope your week is off to a good start! Also tomorrow is Every body: Every wear - spots and dots!

March 5, 2011

Style Me Pretty: 30 for 30

I'm back! Finally. I have 3 of my outfits to show you. I am too lazy to put them all on and take pictures.

22 of 30:
Where it came from:
Shoes - Madden Girl
Pants/Shirt - Banana Republic Factory 
Cardigan - Gap
Belt - Ross

 23 of 30:
Where it came from:
Dress - Banana Republic Factory
Shoes/Belt - Ross

24 of 30:
Where it came from:
Dress - Ross 
Shirt - Dillard's 
Shoes - Spotted Moth
Belt - Permenantly borrowed (from my mom's closet)

 We did have some fun in the time that we've been gone....
Just trying to relax at the local watering hole.
As a result of moving and a certain pink cardigan getting lost I added that stripped cardigan to the 30. 

It has been a hectic week over here folks. As Amanda said a lot has been going on for both of us. Hopefully things will calm down and go back to normal soon. 

I've been going crazy online shopping for stuff to fill the house with. It's actually pretty funny how empty this place is. Also whenever I'm home alone I hear all kinds of creepy noises. I have burglars an overactive imagination.

Now it is time to exercise the puppy and go to World Market! I hope you have a fun filled Saturday ahead!

March 3, 2011

Bad News, Good News

Sorry peeps!  We have been pretty neglectful.  Elizabeth and B have been in the process of moving and the hubs and I have been dealing with family issues and jobs stuff.  My grandmother had a stroke last week, so we have been in and out of the hospital with her.  Our dog, Maggie, had a double surgery Monday.  She was spayed and had a mass removed on her leg.  I had an interview Tuesday which was a total let down and I've been in a depression ever since then.  :o(  lol  It's just been one of the those weeks, I guess?

The good news grandmother gave me all kinds of really cool belts she doesn't wear anymore.  I'm super excited to start sporting them!  :o)  The bad news is, she didn't even recognize me the last time I came to the hospital.  I blame it on all the meds she was on.

Maggie is doing a lot better since her surgery Monday.  I didn't realize that getting spayed was such a big deal.  It took like 8 hours for the whole surgery procedure.  The vet carried her out to my car and the husband had to carry her inside the house.  She wouldn't eat anything that night or the next morning.  She also vomited that night.  She could hardly even stand up!  I was super worried, but she has pulled through and is doing great now!

On our way home from the vet.  Shaved tummy and totally making me sad.
My interview...ugh!  I was SO excited to meet with this school.  When the husband and I moved here and I first saw this school, I said..."That's the school where I want to work.  That's where I'm going to work.  I know it."  Good news: I finally got the call that I had a internship there.  I go meet with them, and love them.  Bad news: I can only intern with them for 10 weeks because of Spring Break and what not.  My program requires that I have a minimum of at least 12 weeks.  It gets worse.  The school told me that my coordinator had not called them until last week!  I have had an application put in to do this for over 2 months and they were my first choice school.  My coordinator totally dropped the ball and screwed me over.  If he would have called sooner and when he was supposed to, then I would have definitely had an internship.  SO angry and disappointed!!  I called my coordinator and tried to talk with him about everything.  He was very unhelpful and it was all I could do to hold back my tears and not scream at him on the phone.  I just came home crying my eyes out and changed into my comfy clothes and laid on the couch with my dogs in a depression state until the husband came home.  The hubs made me a wonderful steak dinner.  It helped a little, but did not cure my upset.

So, that's my Bad News, Good News this week.  How has everyone else's week gone so far?

March 1, 2011

Almost Back

Just a little update. I am almost moved in to the new house and will be back online tomorrow. I have a bunch of pictures/outfits to show you. Doing the 30 for 30 while moving has been way harder than I thought it would. Oh well. Here is something really stinking cute to watch. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

If you are wondering she got the video. And I'll see you tomorrow.