March 3, 2011

Bad News, Good News

Sorry peeps!  We have been pretty neglectful.  Elizabeth and B have been in the process of moving and the hubs and I have been dealing with family issues and jobs stuff.  My grandmother had a stroke last week, so we have been in and out of the hospital with her.  Our dog, Maggie, had a double surgery Monday.  She was spayed and had a mass removed on her leg.  I had an interview Tuesday which was a total let down and I've been in a depression ever since then.  :o(  lol  It's just been one of the those weeks, I guess?

The good news grandmother gave me all kinds of really cool belts she doesn't wear anymore.  I'm super excited to start sporting them!  :o)  The bad news is, she didn't even recognize me the last time I came to the hospital.  I blame it on all the meds she was on.

Maggie is doing a lot better since her surgery Monday.  I didn't realize that getting spayed was such a big deal.  It took like 8 hours for the whole surgery procedure.  The vet carried her out to my car and the husband had to carry her inside the house.  She wouldn't eat anything that night or the next morning.  She also vomited that night.  She could hardly even stand up!  I was super worried, but she has pulled through and is doing great now!

On our way home from the vet.  Shaved tummy and totally making me sad.
My interview...ugh!  I was SO excited to meet with this school.  When the husband and I moved here and I first saw this school, I said..."That's the school where I want to work.  That's where I'm going to work.  I know it."  Good news: I finally got the call that I had a internship there.  I go meet with them, and love them.  Bad news: I can only intern with them for 10 weeks because of Spring Break and what not.  My program requires that I have a minimum of at least 12 weeks.  It gets worse.  The school told me that my coordinator had not called them until last week!  I have had an application put in to do this for over 2 months and they were my first choice school.  My coordinator totally dropped the ball and screwed me over.  If he would have called sooner and when he was supposed to, then I would have definitely had an internship.  SO angry and disappointed!!  I called my coordinator and tried to talk with him about everything.  He was very unhelpful and it was all I could do to hold back my tears and not scream at him on the phone.  I just came home crying my eyes out and changed into my comfy clothes and laid on the couch with my dogs in a depression state until the husband came home.  The hubs made me a wonderful steak dinner.  It helped a little, but did not cure my upset.

So, that's my Bad News, Good News this week.  How has everyone else's week gone so far?


  1. Oh no, what a horrible week. I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma, I hope she gets better soon. I hope Maggie is back to normal soon, yeah spaying a lot harsher then neutering, poor girls have to suffer more.

    Hope things work out with the internship!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  2. I am so sorry, stuff like that is a big bummer. Maybe there is something out there that is better suited for you! keep your head up :)

  3. Thanks girls! I appreciate your positive words. :o)


  4. Oh man! I'm sorry you've had such a cruppy week! Well. The good news is, it can only go up from there, right?


  5. Haha! I hope you're right, Chelsea! :o)



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