May 9, 2011

Style Me Pretty


I found this blouse in my mum's closet and it just happens to be older than me! I was going through my mum's closet when I found this lovely shirt and she let me borrow it. I felt so elegant wearing it around the office. I also got a wonderful comment from a stranger while wearing it (which is totally a mark of awesomeness in my book!).

Other than that I felt like a 50s style secretary wearing this. It has everything to do with the extra high waisted skirt. If you mange to not feel old school and fabulous while wearing a skirt like this I am inclined to think you are doing something wrong.

On a side note I'm a huge fan of these shoes. They are faux snake skin and canvas and make for a very dashing shoe (Yes, ladies are still dashing!).

You look very dashing today!


  1. The whole look is just lovely. I really love higher waisted pencil skirts, and the button details on the front make it even more interesting!

    hearts, laura♥
    the blog of worldly delights

  2. I really like this look. The skirt is adorable! :)

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