May 4, 2011

Pick Of The Day

Today's pick comes to you from one of our favorite places to shop.  You guessed it...the GAP!!!

Always Skinny Jeans (white wash)
I could be the only person without a pair of white jeans this Spring, but I'm really hoping to be the owner of these Always Skinny Jeans (white wash) from the GAP very soon!  I love them and can't wait to squeeze by bum into them!  They are a whopping $59.50 online (pretty fair price), but a little bird told me they are 3/4 of the price at the GAP Outlet.  Watch out GAP outlet!  I'm coming for you!  :o)


  1. Good to know! I love Gap jeans and have been looking for some white skinnies! Not willing to pay $60 for them though. Gap OUTLET!

  2. I know, me too!! I can't wait to visit GAP outlet!

  3. i LOVE white pants... definitely my favorite


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