August 10, 2011


While doing a little late night shopping...I found something that made me jump off my seat and smile from ear to ear.  It wasn't anything I was particularly looking for, I just so happened to stumble upon amazingness!  Ladies and gents...feast your eyes on this deal I just found...

Valentino Bow Jelly Thong

Dollhouse Bow Sandals

Yes people, that's a $279.00 savings!!!  AND these shoes look exactly alike!!  I fell in love with my mother in law's Valentino's while on vacation in Cabo.  However, I was not willing to spend $295.00 on a pair of sandals to wear to the pool and on the beach.  Until...I stumbled upon these Dollhouse look-a-likes!  Ssshh.  It will just be our little secret.  Everyone else can think I'm wearing Valentino's.  :o)  Score!


  1. So happy for another post! It's been far too long hehe

  2. Lol! I know! We will try and be better about posting more and more.


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