January 24, 2011

Pick Of The Day

Today's pick comes from none other than ModCloth.

This is the Calm After the Sandstorm Dress and I have been lusting after a pretty caramel colored dress lately and this work appropriate and I could easily wear this out with friends after work with out looking like too much of a goober.

Also I just got some really cute shoes in the mail that I think I could rock with these. They are from Spotted Moth. And I would recommend going over there for a minute if you have a chance because they have a birthday special coupon going on where if you enter the HappyBirthday coupon code you get l5% off! I didn't realize this when I bought my sandals so I missed out, but that doesn't mean that you have to!

Any who, it is Monday Funday and meeting time here at work. I hope your week is getting off to a good start. And maybe I'll be back later with a style post. If it doesn't flood here. I don't even have any rain boots to float away in!

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