January 27, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Lady In Black

Hello, I'm finally done with the work week! And here is the styling for today.

I know what you're thinking. Does this girl own any kind of colorful clothing? Yes, yes I do. I just don't get much of a chance to wear color to work. One day I'll put on some color and show the world.

So tomorrow is looking at houses and then tomorrow night I have a hot date! Tonight is watching Zombieland with the fiance and pigging out on pizza and hot wings. Life is good.

I'm going to be doing some shopping this weekend since starting Tuesday there will be no shopping for a month (30 for 30 Challenge). I have a few goals and they are along the lines of red belt/shoes/cardigans, mustard yellow shoes/bag and then really if I just find a good deal on something cute. Mostly accessories.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? Doing any shopping? How about gearing up for the 30 for 30 challenge?

Where it came from:
Dress - Francesca's Collections (gift from my brother)
Shoes - DSW Jessica Simpson
Tights - Target
Belt - Ross


  1. I want to pick up a couple more accessories this weekend too. I really want a scarf with a tiny floral print, and a couple skinny belts that are bright colors. Good luck with your shopping!

  2. I wanted to pick out way more stuff last weekend for the 30x30, but all I got was a brown belt!

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  3. I really love this dress. Your blog is so cute! Good luck on the start up! :)


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