January 21, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Pretty in Pink

Hello all! Today is Friday so it is pretty much guaranteed to be a good day. So Fridays that I have to go to work are casual Fridays and I try to look pretty awesome because my boss tends to stop by on Friday for an update. This week I decided to try something new by adding a belt over a cardigan. I really like the pink. It makes me feel dainty (don't tell anyone but I'm manly).

So today besides having a visit from my big boss I found mysterious water on the window sill. It doesn't freeze in costal Texas and it didn't rain today. So, I'm stumped. I need to figure this out because random water damage will cost me my deposit. Last resort I'm going to say it was because of my pup, Marley.
She was feeling fabulous today. I love this little pup and I hope she makes appearances in many the post.   Besides having an awesome dog I am starting a DIY project with paint and canvas. I'll probably post the results (disaster) later in the weekend.

Enjoy the weekend! It is fleeting and fun. I'm going to try to organize a clothing swap. I'll let you know how it goes.

The jacket and scarf are my outerwear for the day. It was 30 something degrees here. In Texas! In COASTAL Texas! That is the deep south (geographically) if you were wondering. Yeah, wrap your mind around that one.

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