January 28, 2011

Style Me Pretty

Hello! Today was one heck of a day!

Menswear! Ok so while this not exactly how mean wear their clothing this is a piece of mens clothing. This is in fact B's shirt. We cleaned out our closet this last week and I decided I wanted this shirt. I'm impatient so I just went ahead and wore it, but I'm planning on tailoring it so that it will fit better. Here is the first draft of this outfit, but once I tailor the shirt I'll repost the difference in fit.

If you are wondering the pictures are from outside our date restaurant which was a BLAST! I love my fiance. Date night was a success. The other thing we did today was look at houses and oh my goodness. So much fun. We found a few houses we loved but we'll see.

Thing are busy in our house. But hey, isn't that always how life is? So, tomorrow is dress day. Tomorrow night check back for dress pictures and some veil options. Also tomorrow is shopping! I"m going to a new local boutique and Ross. I need some accessories with color for the 30 for 30 challenge. Also I need to actually pick all my items for the challenge.

I'm really excited for everything the next few weeks have in store! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and I'll be back tomorrow with updates on things!

Where its from:
Shirt: Unknown
Tights: Target
Shoes: Bakers? I think. Who knows. I buy too many shoes.

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  1. So when is your wedding? I'm coming up on the 2 year anniversary of mine, crazy. But dress shopping was one of my favorite parts. I really love talking wedding stuff so I'd be glad to hear anything you're thinking about yours!
    This outfit is cute! If my husband actually bought more than 3 shirts a year maybe I could steal some! :)


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