January 24, 2011

Style Me Pretty: Here Comes the Bride

Hello! I'm back already.

And its buy the dress week! That picture is not the dress. I don't actually have a picture on my camera of the dress, yet. This weekend I'll be going to a bridal shop to purchase my dress and I have a bit of a dilemma. I wanted to throw it out into the blog world in hopes that someone will stumble upon this take pity on me and help a girl out. I love my dress. I have the shoes, and the hair pieces. What I do not have or have any aptitude to pick out is a veil. 

I am looking for suggestions and once I have pictures of my dress on me and the hair pieces I'll post them and see if anything comes back my way! You can't tell but I'm crossing my fingers and toes for good luck. I heard it works.

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  1. good luck with everything! i went into dress shopping wanting a short, lace-trimmed veil. i walked down the aisle with a cathedral-length, satin-trimmed veil. (i also ended up with a completely different dress than what i thought i wanted) so it just depends - try lots of different options and pick the one you love!


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