January 23, 2011

Style Me Pretty

In Soviet Russia Hat Wears You

 (My mum took these for me-How sweet)

Hello world. This is my soviet hat from high school. My camera/face would not cooperate today, but I couldn't wear this hat and not show the world. If I could have found my dark wash skinny jeans I would have worn them, but I couldn't I think they are lost in the darkest depths in my closet. I love these shoes they are so comfy that I wore them all around Japan last summer. 

So I'm at my parents this weekend because B is out of town for work and my dad just left the country for work. So, me and my mum are painting our nails and chit chatting. Its nice. I like living close enough to home that I can visit. 

So, this weekend I went to a college in Texas to visit my brother because he was sick. I felt so bad for him being all alone. So my family decided to visit and bring soup and medicine and a bike. It was fun and I was glad to see my brother.

Well I'll be back tomorrow with some questionable wardrobe choices for you to gawk at. I wish I had a good camera/the ability to control my face. Also I love wicked. Best. Sound. Track. EVER! You're lucky you can't hear me sing through the computer. I don't think my mum is enjoying it, but I can't stop!

Where the outfit is from:
Top: Forever 21
Sweater vest: Francesca's Collections
Jeans: Pac Sun
Shoes: Bakers
Belt: Ross Dress for Less

It was a good weekend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. What an awesome hat. I've been eying those bomber hats lately...

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  2. Thanks! I love it, but I don't get to wear it much down here.


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