January 25, 2011

Style Me Pretty: Breton Stripes

This is my take on the stripe.

So, the geniuses behind Everybody, Every wear have put it out there that today is the day to wear Breton Stripes. I've been loving seeing everyones take on the trend. 

I'm not entirely sure that this counts as the Breton Stripes, but hey it's horizontal and really I'm just having fun.

I would really have like to wear this shirt on its own with the skirt, but unfortunately it is too casual for work. I added a cardigan over top and tucked it in. I felt a little bit like a sailor today, and I was digging it. 

Where its from:
Skirt - Express
Shirt - Gap
Cardigan - Forever 21
Jacket - Banana Republic 
Belt - Target
Shoes - Not sure but they say Fergielicious on the inside. So Fergie? 

Happy Breton Stripes Day! Go put on some stripes and pretend you are a sailor too. 

Also I hired a scarf model today. 
So much attitude. Also she lets me pay her in meat sticks and belly rubs!

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