January 29, 2011

Style Me Pretty: Here Comes the Bride

So here is the dress. I'm happy. I picked this veil. Yay! I'm getting married. I'm getting married to my best friend! I'm going to be a bridezilla! Wait.... I don't care. I forgot for a second. All I want is to see my best friend at the end of the isle. I have to take care of stuff. But hey it will work itself out. Any way I've rambled enough. Try not to hate me for it. I warned you. Word vomit. Get with it people.

EDIT: There were pictures here, but because someone (I'm looking at you Engineer) is a sneaky sneaky fiance I have had to remove these pictures. Maybe they'll be back later. Probably not though.

Woo! I'm a bride! We're going to be rolling out some changes here at Girls Who Wear Pearls/Little Scottish Girl.

I shopped today, but it was totally for a dress and a home so that has been moved to tomorrow. Color is the goal! Get there cheap ladies and gents.

Any who, be ready for the sasstastic changes that are about to comes.

I just want you to know that Beauty and the Beast inspired us to be musical stars. I'm ready. Bring it.


  1. Your dress is gorgeous!!! Ahhh how exciting! My dress is somewhat similar. When is the big day? :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  2. October 22. So still a little ways off. What about you?


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