February 10, 2011

Dinner/Game Night

Sorry guys...I did not take a picture of my outfit today.  It just didn't happen.  I will dress myself up again and have the husband or Elizabeth snap a picture.  I'm a failure...

I do, however, have a picture of my dinner table set up from last night. :o)

I decided to set the table all pretty for B and Elizabeth.  I did not snap any pictures of the food or games though.  :o/  The husband made Portobello Mushroom Lasagna (delicious!).  I made a mean salad with baby spring mix, avocado, onion, tomato, and feta cheese.  B and Elizabeth brought over some yummy garlic bread and I also had made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) for dessert.  We added a scrumptious bottle of Cuvee red wine to complete the meal.  It was all so amazing and we were all very full by the end of the meal.

After dinner, we all sat around in the living room next to the fire finishing our glasses of wine and playing 42.  B had to school the husband and I on how to play again.  We hadn't played 42 in SOoo long!  I guess he taught us pretty well, because the husband and I whooped B and Elizabeth!  :o)  However, they did have one really good round that put the husband and I to shame.

I think we are going to start trying to have game night once a week or every other week from here on out.  Let's be honest...it's just too much fun to not have a game night during the week.


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