February 8, 2011

Pick Of The Day

Today's pick comes to you from J.Crew

I know we are not supposed to be shopping right now, but I can still look at the goods for later...

I have really been wanting a pair of Oxfords, but I have also really been wanting a new pair of ballet flats.  These Oxford Ballet Flats seemed like the perfect combination!  Looking forward to these shoes after the 30 for 30  challenge!  :o)


  1. Aren't they just the cutest?! I can't wait! Maybe they will go on sale by the time I buy them...


  2. They are so cute. I saw them a while back and totally swooned.

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  3. Haha! I saw these a while back too and I just can't get them out of my head...which is why I decided to make them the 'pick of the day.' :o)

  4. EEEE! These are so cute. I could see these going with so many outfits. x_x You should definitely buy them.

    Castle Fashion

  5. I am looking forward to so many things after the 30/30... Those shoes are so cute and I bet comfy too.

  6. Us too! We can't wait to get our shopping on after 30 for 30. I hope they are comfy...if not, there will be all this hype for nothing...


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