February 23, 2011

Style Me Pretty: 30 for 30

4 out of my 13 or so outfits I owe you...

Where it Came From:
Purple cardigan - Gap
Shirt under the cardigan - Target
Skirt - Talbot's
Tights - Target
Shoes - Bandolino (in all the pictures, even though you can't see them always)
Black shirt - Bebe
Pants - The Limited
Red shirt - Express
Black & white cardigan - White House Black Market

So it turns out that I haven't actually fallen off the earth!  Sorry I've been so neglectful.  It's been a little hectic around here.  The husband, dogs and I have been in and out of town a lot!  These are four outfits from the last two weeks that I owe you.  Since I didn't have a camera for the few weekends ago that I forgot it and my husband ran off with it for a while, I decided to just dress up for you all over again.  :o)  After changing, positioning the camera, and running back and forth a million times, I called it quits after these 4 looks.  I will try again tomorrow.  Elizabeth and I are supposed to be getting together, so that should help me get it all done for you lovelies!  :o)

Any who, these were outfits that I wore for showers, church, and dinners pretty much.  Sorry you have to look at the same background over and over.  I'm limited when I'm by myself.  My favorite outfit is the first one.  I love wearing it and I just liked that pose the most out of all the other ones.  The bottom outfit reminds me of CHANEL.  Not in that light of course, but in person...it looks amazing.

I'm off to go finish up the rest of my jobs for today!  Later gators!


  1. Woo! You're alive. Ha. We will get together eventually. You look lovely by the way.


  2. Love all four of your outfits!


  3. I love the outfits! Specially the purple sweater. Purple is my favorite color, I think it is so beautiful, it should be worn more!

  4. Thank you ladies! :o) I love purple too and I agree that it should be worn more often!


  5. Super cute. All four looks. I really need to re-dress in several outfits that I've never gotten around to photographing. It's making this whole 30x30 thing go by a lot slower having not photographed like 4 outfits! Ugh. I digress. I lovelovelove those polka-dot tights. So fab.

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  6. I love the white trousers. There is something about white pants the just make me feel so chic and you my dear look great.

    Write it in lipstick

  7. i love the pearls! so cute :)

  8. The cardigan (?) in the last photo is completely adorable!! I also like the first outfit and polka dot tights.


  9. the color of that purple cardigan is so vibrant, heart it on you!


  10. Thank you for all the comments you sweet ladies! :o) I love those white trousers too, Melissa! I always feel like I have stepped up in the world when I wear them. I don't know why. Thank you, Anik. I LOVE that cardigan! It is one of the most versatile items I own.


  11. All four outfits are beautiful!! I love how the pearls make each outfit more classy and feminine. Very pretty!


  12. Ooo, I love the trousers with the black shirt/cardigan. So classy!

  13. At least you took some pictures... I think I only posted max 5 since I started the 30for30... bad bad girl!
    Happy weekend dear!


  14. SO adorable! all of them! and yes, very chanel!

  15. Thanks girls! Lol at Gabby! That makes me feel a little better that there is someone else out there who isn't posting all their outfits too. Naughty, naughty! It really has been a crazy time though. It's hard to take pics and post them every day.



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