February 11, 2011

Style Me Pretty: 30 for 30

5 of 30 (finally!)

I was mid bowl. I'm not very good. 

Ta Da! I didn't hit a single pin.

Where it came from:
Shirt - Banana Republic
Pants - Pac Sun
Shoes - Bowling alley

This is back from last weekend when I went bowling. It was a blast and this is what I wore. 

Also I am a really bad bowler. I mean really bad. As in I may not have gotten more than a 50. Yeah. I blame the ball. It's too heavy.

9 of 30

Where it came from:
Pants - Banana Republic Factory
Shoes - Ross, Jessica Simpson
Belt - Ross
Shirt - Express

I wore this to work yesterday. It is fun and B told me he really liked it. Which makes me happy. Not to mention Thursday is my Friday so I was extra happy. Not to mention....

10 of 30. It was DATE NIGHT!

Where it came from:
Shoes - Madden Girl
Jeans - Pac Sun
Shirt - Dillards 
Sweater - Target
Necklace - Mod Cloth

Extra outfit. Last night was date night and a blast. We did a simple dinner and movie and this is what I wore. Dinner was delicious and B looked extra handsome. 

Now its time to run off to the gym! I hope you are having a great Friday.


  1. I do believe I envy your shoe collection!

  2. Thanks. I have way too many shoes but I still need more!



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