February 14, 2011

Weekend Update (with no pictures of the weekend)

Babies!  What?

First, Happy Valentine's Day!

Second, sorry I am so neglectful!  The husband and I went to visit his family for the weekend, AND we did not bring a camera!  Elizabeth...prepare yourself for a photo shoot montage of my weekend, plus a couple extra outfits.

The husband and I decided we needed to get out of the city for a few days.  We decided to visit his side of the family and get a little R&R in the country.  The husband took the dogs quail hunting, while I attended a baby shower on Saturday.  The baby shower was for a really good friend of ours.  It was SO weird for the hubs and I to see her prego.  We were very excited to see her pregnant.  We hadn't seen her since she got knocked up.  I'm pretty sure the husband and I had the same "deer in the headlights" look on our faces when we saw her.  Maybe that's not a good name for our look, but we both had these happy grins on our faces and spoke all nervously.  What weirdos we are!

The husband and I do not have any children.  I'm sure we will one of these days, just not now.  We don't really have many friends with children either.  This whole baby thing is new to us.  We are really excited for our friend and her husband though.  We can't wait to welcome our nephew into the world.  He's not really our nephew, but we are going to pretend.

Other than baby stuff, we hung out for the rest of the weekend at the house.  We made fajitas Saturday night and hung out with the family.  The next day, the husband's mother made a fabulous Sunday lunch!  She made roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots, biscuits and homemade sweet tea.  It was SO good!  My BFF also came to visit us on Sunday!  I was super excited to see her!  I've missed her so much.  We also have 4 quail for dinner now, thanks to our great hunting pups!  :o)

Here is a picture I took about a year and half ago of all our GSP's out at the farm.

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