February 16, 2011

Repurposing A Frame

Hello! So I'm trying my hand and telling people about my little projects.

Things you might need:
A picture frame (Free from Mom)
Glue (Something that will adhere to cloth)
Cloth ($1 from hobby lobby)
Spray paint (Didn't use this time)
Clear plastic sheet ($0.99 from hobby lobby)
And you'll need either a good knife/razor or scissors (I would use your craft supplies. Not your good stuff).
First off, I didn't spray paint this frame because I liked the color, but in the past I have spray painted the wood to make it a different color and it is easy enough. Just take the frame outside and spray it on top of some news paper if you don't want the grass to be a different color. Let it dry and your done with that step.

This frame had a mat that I didn't like as well as a smaller picture frame inside it. So my first step was to remove the inside picture frame from the mat with my razor/scissors.

TA DA! That was easy. Next I just took the cloth that I chose and glued it to the mat by folding about an inch over the back. I just use super glue because it holds well and drys quickly.

After you have secured the cloth you can pretty much put what ever you want in the frame. I turned this one into a valentines note to my sweetie. I'm no Hemingway, but I like to think that B got the point. I just used some card stock and glitter to make the backing for the note and card stock for the note. Just make sure to use a glue that dries clear. This had not dried yet, but has since. In the past I've used card stock to back pictures to hang, but really you can do what ever you want. If you do use a picture be careful about what kind of glue you use.

Once the note was in place (with just a touch of super glue) I cut the plastic sheet to fit the frame and closed this baby up.

Ok, so I didn't have the extra hearts, but I just don't want you to read it.
I think it is really important to note that the plastic is key. I know it sounds cheap to use plastic, but you can't really tell that it is cheap plastic and it makes the cloth look more like a mat than cloth. Make sure to check the sheet for any scratches at the store, and you should be fine. I hope this is a cheap idea that you can use!


  1. what a great crafty idea!! i love the new mat color and it seems like it's easy to make. what a sweet gift for a loved one!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  2. This turned out really good, Elizabeth! Great job!



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