February 1, 2011

Style Me Pretty: 30 for 30

One of Thirty 

Lumber Jack Meets Business Man

So these are 4 of my 30 items that I have yet to post, but will get to tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I promise, and I haven't let you down yet have I? Good. Today was a busy day. I'm gearing up for a big presentation at work and trying to buy a house. Which means that my 30 for 30 picks have fallen to the way side, but I made them.

Today's outfit was inspired by a lumber jack and a business man. Ok, not really. BUT, it did make me feel like that. Really today I was just going for mens wear, and I feel like I accomplished that. I even wore socks. Which, I never do. Socks are manly right?

Well I can't wait to see what everyone has in store for the 30 for 30! I'm excited to get inspiration from everyone and I bet by the end of this challenge I'll need it!

Where it came from:
Pants - Banana Republic
Shirt - Dillards
Blazer - The Limited
Shoes - DSW, Jessica Simpson
Belt - gift


  1. Love the blazer, mine is relatively new and I'm not really sure how to "do" it yet!
    Also, wanted to let you know when I tried to subscribe with google reader it didn't work.

  2. Well the only thing I can think of is that it won't let you because you already follow the blog. At least that is what it looks like on my google reader. Any other ideas?

  3. I am not good at this stuff either, but I just tried it again and it worked!


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