February 9, 2011

Style Me Pretty: 30 for 30

8 of 30! 

I was cold. I faked it for the other pictures.

Where it came from:
Dress - Banana Republic Factory
Cardigan - Target
Shoes - Spotted Moth
Belt - Ross

Hello all! It is double date/game night here at Amanda's house. Not to mention my boy is home and they closed work down early because of the ice! So today has been a pretty good Wednesday.

We're all here (including the pups) eating some food and playing games. Sitting really close to the fire. I should really have looked up the weather forecast for today because while the day started around 50 it is now in the 20s. And I'm not wearing tights. Brrrrr. But on the plus side B said my legs look nice; which makes it all worth it!

Well folks I have been so impressed/happy with all the new blogs I've found because of the 30 for 30 and the every body: every wear events. There are so many good bloggers and just sweet people that are fun to read.

If you still haven't check out the remixer list or the everybody:every wear websites I highly recommend it! I hope you are staying warm and having a great night.


I am so in love with these shoes! Come summer these will be a staple for me.


  1. DANG lady, this outfit fits you like a dream! And I love the olive and purple together.

  2. LOVE this style! The colors are fantastic on you and the belted waist is perfection. And don't even get me started on how much I love those shoes!

    Cute blog, girls!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love this dress and I am obsessed with these shoes.


  4. I like your hair! And those shoes are totally awesome.

  5. Oooh. I'm loving that dress! The purple cardigan is wonderful with that dress.

    The Auspicious Life

  6. Thanks, this is my go to hair this week. I'm feeling the curls. And I really like this color combo too. I want to try more with green and red/purple mixing now.



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