February 6, 2011

Weekend Update

So I only have a preview of what I wore this weekend, but I'll post the whole thing eventually.

I had a great weekend visiting my best friend. She had a Star Wars themed birthday party. Which was AWESOME!

There was a pinata!

A preview of my outfit.

I painted.

The Star Wars table cloth we used as a photo back drop.

We went to the dog park and Marley made a new friend.

I made a painting. If you can really call it that.

Those pictures pretty much sum up my weekend. It was fun and relaxing. 

Lately I've been playing around with ideas for wall art because we're moving into a bigger place and need more pretty things for the walls. This was just me having fun. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

If anyone has any ideas for fun easy wall decorations I would love to hear about them!

This is the other thing I painted. I like this and I'm going to make 2 more like it so they can all hang together somewhere. I flipped a coin to decide if a circle should be green or yellow. It was fun. 


  1. I love the painting and the graphic circle decor. I'm in need of some painting inspiration to do for my house.

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